sabato 5 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone,well i just realised that i've never introduce myself yet.
I'm a 29 years old girl,writing from Italy,my real job has nothing to do with Fashion.
I work as a cabin crew  somewhere or maybe it is better to say everywhere in Europe for about 4 years now.I decided to start a blog just to share with the World(because basically that's what is happening since i saw the views from many Countries)my ideas,my pics,a bit of me,passions and my trips.When i'm free,i drag my boyfriend out and we have a lot of fun taking pics...He's the "author"of all the pics you see in the blog and on my facebook page...The main reason why i'm writing in english is to try to break a barrier...Since i'm italian,sorry in advance if you'll see grammar mistakes.
I'm not a beauty or a fashion guru...Hope you'll like it,feel free to comment even if you don't like it...

With Love

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