mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone,
i'm having a lot of fun playing on ASOS,i'm spending a bit of time creating new outfit.
Just think about an occasion,then i start from an item and i create all the outfit,adding,removing...
This one has been created starting from the Bag.
The occasion that caught my mind was a typical day at work,in an office...
I would wear something like this but as you know i can't choose what to dress for work...

What do you think about it?
Hope you like it...
Now have to go,my hairdresser is waiting for me...
With Love

lunedì 28 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone,
i'm writing this post about what we will wear for the next season...
We already find in the shops black,white,optical fabric...
I  personally don't think it will be an easy season so...

Black&White pattern unfortunately is not for everyone and we have to be careful to mix it...
I selected 3 item that i love from the new H&M Collection
What do you think about it?Did you buy already optical?
With Love

sabato 26 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone...just decided to upload a couple of pics about what i picked up on sale2 days ago...In ZARA and TALLY WEIJL...Tomorrow will upload the1st outfit...Stay Tuned...
With Love

THX U!!!!!!!!!
Hi to everyone...
few days that i don't write because i've been busy working...
Just wanted to thank all of you that vote me on the link just above...
Got 21 vote so far...unexpected result and really happy for it!!!
I'm working for the next post about what i bought on sale.
In the next few days i'll upload the pics with the new outfits.
Wishing you a nice & relaxing week-end
With Love

lunedì 14 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone,
this post is not about clothes or make up...
But is still related with my passion...AIRPLANES&anything connected with flying...
Just received today my XMAS present...A bit late,i know but really special for me...
A Barbie from the '80s,
a pilot that switches into cabin crew,
according to the accessorize that you use...
I Was surprised and really happy,finally now i have a proper crew to fly my private fleet...
Started to collect aircraft with my boyfriend during our trip

With Love

domenica 13 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone,
today has been a rainy sunday here were i live so i decided to take my time to relax,read,
get inspiration...Do you like my Tea Time?

                                                                   With Love

sabato 12 gennaio 2013


<script src="" blid="0" name="grzscript"></script>Ciao a tutti,
ho deciso di partecipare al concorso di GRAZIA#BLOGGER WE WANT YOU# pensando dato che mi sono messa in gioco,gioco fino in fondo e perche' non tentare?Non ho nessuna presunzione,sono una semplice ragazza di 29 anni,che nella vita lavora come assistente di volo con un'immane collezione di Vogue e Cosmopolitan da quando sono teen-ager ma niente piu',non ho studiato Moda o Fotografia,seguo solo una passione e in questo sono riuscita a coinvolgere il mio ragazzo che si diverte a scattare foto.Il titolo del mio blog e' nato a Roma dopo una cena in un delizioso ristorante balinese di Trastevere insieme al mio ragazzo.EXPLORINGTHEGLOBEONHIGHHEELS vuole unire le mie grandi passioni e anche un po' ossessioni,i viaggi e tutto quello che riguarda la sfera femminile,dai vestiti,agli accessori e in primis le scarpe rigorosamente con il tacco.Il blog nasce in inglese a "causa" proprio del mio fidanzato,essendo lui di origine svedese la nostra vita di tutti i giorni scorre proprio attraverso l'inglese.Nasce e si sviluppa come DIARIO DI BORDO della nostra vita privata accompagnato da incursioni di outfit.
La pagina di GRAZIA.IT che mi ossessiona puntualmente e' STREETSTYLE che e ' poi quello a cui mi ispiro quando creo un outfit per una foto.Lo STREETSTYLE e' uno stile fresco,personalizzato,che mi distingua dagli altri e che parli agli altri di me,delle emozioni e del mio stato d'animo che vivo in quel momento,questo per me e' la MODA,giocare a scoprire se stessi.

With Love


Hi to everyone,
i decided to post a pic about the make up products that i use everyday for my make up.
I used a very light one,black kohl,gloss.
I bought LA VIE EST BELLE just before Christmas.
This  fragrance is base on gourmand and powdery due to almond-like accords of tonk a bean,praline,patchouli and vanilla.Natural and simple beauty.
Just fell in love with it.
The flacon is a redesigned version of the classic Lancome bottle form 1949
that's the reason of his elegant and vintage look.
And you which perfume you use?
With Love


                                                               How cute is this small purse?
                                                            Just bought it on sale in ZARA,
                                                            can't wait to show you the new outfit with it!
                                                                            With Love


Hi to everyone!
Today i started to make a list of the hottest item to buy,i was playing to create new outfit with the best item on sale for my taste.Following the trend of the moment,dress using the male style.
I selected this outfit from asos.
Hope you like it!
With Love

venerdì 11 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone,
i'm writing you for an exciting news!!!
My look Autumn,Florence,Spike&Cross has been published on the web page Look What i'm Wearing,but i need you to push the bottom LIKE,to help me to be published on the Mag!
If you liked my outfit,click me!
Thank you so much
With Love

This is the Link where you'll find my pic!


Hi to everyone,
this is last outfit using my black pencil skirt.
Hope you'll like it!
With Love

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013


Hi to everyone,
the 4th post about my old pencil skirt...What do you think about it?
With love
Hi to everyone!!!
I've been a bit busy in the last few days and i didn't have time to upload any new pics,finally today i have a bit of free time,i can relax and post new pics....
I decided to upload few pics of my outfit on the web page of the lovely british magazine LOOK!
I need your help to get vote for my pictures!You'll find the link just under,so if you like and you have a bit of time...You can just click and vote me!
Stay tuned for the last 2style with the pencil skirt...
With Love

domenica 6 gennaio 2013


Here we go,the 3rd look using the same skirt...Which one do you prefer?


As i promised...1 look per day...I was wearing the same skirt,same make up,just twisted a bit the accessorizes and changed the top...What do you think about it?Hope you'll like it...
Pencil skirt Vero Moda
Top Tank Primark
Necklace No Brand
Tourquoise ring H&M
Pearl&gold ring vintage